Global Adventures

Another of the great joys of my life is exploring other countries and cultures. Having enjoyed adventures in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, I have to say I especially love Latin America. I speak functional Spanish and have a life goal to be fluent ; it is truly a beautiful language.

In 2009, I was thrilled to visit South America for the first time. I spent 3 weeks hiking and learning in Ecuador; it was great fun! Good food, friendly people, amazing scenery. I am already scheming ways to make another journey there. I traveled with a great group of people through small guide service at . It was an active, outdoors, mountains, jungles, hot springs and backpacking kind of tour - all my favourite things.

I also had an excellent trip to Islo Mujeres,  Mexico with my sister. We took turns leading and following, snorkelled and swam every day, watched dolphins,  read,  wrote and lounged in hammocks on the beach. I love the colours of the tropics; everything is vivid and lush. It feeds my soul to soak up the sun, scenery, culture and colours.  

A highlight of the Mexico trip was cycling all around the island of Isla Mujeres. We rode the seawall along the windy and wave -battered east side, drank fresh  coconut water at the southern tip, and raced  golf carts back along the main road of the west side. At the end of the day, we were happy to relax with pina coladas and watch the blazing sunset from our villa. Ahhh! A full day in paradise.

It was a blast travelling with my sister, sharing our favorite foods and experiences. I really enjoy taking people along to explore new places, cultures and languages. The world is big and beautiful and I am greedy to experience all I can. Would you like to join me on a trip full of adventures???

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