I have been a writer since elementary school, crafting animal tales to explain the world. I enjoyed reading folklore from around the world and based my style on that foundation. I love verse, rhythm and music and began to create short rhyming pieces that won fall fair prizes. An occassional piece in the local paper and the ensuing feedback helped motivated me.

Being published continues to help with motivation but mostly I write because I need to do it. Out of my head and heart and on to paper is cathartic and helps me stay healthy and happy. I continue to write poetry, freelance for local magazines and newspapers, and am exploring the exciting world of travel writing. My intention is to further broaden my writing and publishing experience.

For more about poetry, visit Huron Collective's website at: huronpoetry.com

Copies of our chapbook " No Corners To Hide In" are available to purchase.  "The Language of Dew and Sunsets", our second anthology, is now available also.

This is my first venture into e-publishing and I am keen to learn, grow and develop my skills. If you need help with copy for your website, promotional materials, proof-reading or editing, I would be happy to be of service. 

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